Middle School Debate

2018 Middle School Debate

In the Middle School Debate Competition students form two person teams to debate both sides of a current topic.  They research in order to develop both negative and affirmative arguments, learn to cross examine their opposition, and listen attentively in order to rebut their opponent’s arguments.  They are scored in several areas, including delivery and analysis. This program is fantastic for public speaking skills, analyzing issues and using evidence to support arguments.

Registration - Register for the Middle School Debate Tournament

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The Middle School Tournament will take place on April 25, 2018, at John Winthrop Middle School in Deep River.




Judges Orientation


Round 1




Round 2



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The resolution for this year's Middle School Tournament is: 

"RESOLVED: The government should ensure that both public and private employees are free to express their political views without interference from their employers." 

This is an open-universe problem. You may support your argument with any sources you
wish. You are not limited to the sources we provide, nor do you need to use them. But pay
attention to who your sources are. Some are more reliable than others. And the reliability of
someone’s source is a fair issue to raise in a debate round.

You now have had a chance to do some of your own research. What follows is a pack of
suggested sources to complement your own research. This way everyone will have a shared
background. They are a mix of low and high depth sources, on various issues. You probably want
to begin with low depth sources to get an overview of the issues and work your way up to high
depth sources. You probably do not want to begin by reading all of the sources in this pack from
start to finish.

Clicking on a source below will bring you to the website where it is located.

A PDF of the information above is available here.