Opportunity for Project Citizen Students

Dear Project Citizen teachers,

Peace First is an organization that is running a nationwide Peace First Challenge this spring, investing $1 million in young people's ideas to change their communities all over the US.
Any team of young people with an idea for positive community change--which includes advocacy campaigns to their representatives--can join the Challenge. When they do, they can access project planning tools, expert feedback, one-to-one mentors, and $250 mini-grants to help them plan and implement their idea for social action. Peace First has training webinars to help teachers integrate the Challenge as a class project.
So, if your state’s Project Citizen students have an idea for action--an advocacy campaign, piloting one of their innovative solutions in the community--they can very possibly get support and funding from Peace First.
Interested students should sign up, create a project page, and submit their insight (the problem, its root cause, and their proposed solution) by February 28th.