High School Debate

2022 High School Debate Spring Competition:

"RESOLVED: Connecticut schools should end separate men's and women's sports leagues for student athletes."

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High School: Prelims  Monday, June 6 at 3pm-9pm OR Monday, June 13 at 3pm-9pm / Playoffs  Wednesday, June 15 at 3pm-9pm

Preliminary Rounds Playoff  Rounds
2:45pm Check-in 2:45pm  Check-in 
3:00pm Virtual GA Announcements + Judges Workshop 3:00pm  Virtual GA Announcements + Judges Workshop 
4:00pm Round One 4:00pm  Semi-Final Round
6:15pm Virtual GA Check-in: Everyone return to GA 6:15pm  Virtual GA Check-in: Everyone return to GA 
6:30pm Round Two 6:30pm  Final Round
8:45pm Awards 8:45pm  Awards 


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Registration will be through tabroom.com. If you already have an account, this should be easy. If not, instructions here.